The Legal World vs. Nursing Home Administrators

I came across a commentary on a legal blog today with the heading "LET’S PUT MORE NURSING HOME ADMINISTRATORS AND OWNERS IN JAIL." For some reason I have a difficult time swallowing a blanket statement such as this one. Several recent convictions in Montana, Missouri, and Pennsylvania have re-kindled the consumer sentiment that our industry puts profits first and care last. Many plantiff's attorneys across the country are fueling this fire rapidly.

If this is the kind of information that interested consumers are entering our facilities with, how will we ever get ahead? Talk about sitting behind the eight ball. Are there criminals running healthcare organizations? Obviously, and anyone who steals one red cent from our residents in any form SHOULD be punished, and never allowed to work in healthcare again. If we consistently highlight only the negativity in the industry, we will find ourselves on the defensive so often that progress will be impossible.

So thanks for being a healthcare professional. Thanks for giving it everything you've got, smiling when you are sad, giving when you are broke, and for promoting respect and kindness for our elder generation. We are making a difference.

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