Five Blogs Every Business Person Should Spend Some Company Time Reading

*Caveat: I do not spend any company time reading blogs. That important note aside...

As I make my daily rounds in the blogosphere, looking for news tidbits, business ideas, and technology innovations (or just a good laugh) I make sure to hit these five blogs on a daily basis. They're pretty mainstream, but if this is a new world for you, they may be new treasures. Each of the five do a great job updating at least daily (more than I can say) so there's always something new.

1. Lifehacker: Perhaps a bit more tech oriented than what you like, but carries great tips on productivity and organization for the everyday computer and business oriented individual.

2. Seth Godin's Blog: Seth preaches a lot of common sense, but his short quips on marketing and innovation certainly apply to multi areas of life. Besides, who can't use a little more common sense?

3. The Dilbert Blog: The creator of the cartoon Dilbert is surprisingly insightful and hilarious taboot. Gets very involved in reader comments and loves to talk politics, business, and free will (don't even get him started).

4. The Healthcare Blog: Matthew Holt's serious blog about all things healthcare, geared especially towards reimbursement industry, hospital management, and government influence. Not for the faint of heart.

5. Indexed: One person's interpretation of life, on index cards. Soft innovation (see Godin).

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