How I Hope You Will Use This Blog

"How's it going?"

I'm sure that's what I would say to you if I bumped into you on the street. And if you're here, we already have something in common. Be comfortable. Share your thoughts. My feelings aren't easily hurt, trust me. This blog will be of use primarily to nursing home professionals, but also other health care professionals (assisted living, hospital workers, social workers, hospice professionals, business leaders, etc). I have two goals for your experience here:

1. Learn something.
2. Teach me something so I can share it with others.

We have a tendency to be so protective of our trade secrets. I haven't figured out why yet (census), and maybe you translate that as naivety (innovation). I'm more interested in turning the corner for our industry, rather than just my individual facility (maybe you call that idealistic).

You found your way this far. How does this page (blog) work?

1. Return on a regular basis to catch my most recent posts (rants, opinions, and experiences). You are allowed to leave zero contribution.

2. Click on the comments button at the bottom of a post to leave a public thought (I or someone else will almost always respond).

3. Email me at with a private thought, question, or complaint. I'm a Nursing Home Administrator, so I'm accustomed to all three.

4. Link to this blog from your website. Nothing would make me happier. I'm currently working on relationships with several government officials, a recruiter, and various industry providers for continuing content on this site. I'm not in this for money, just to link professionals together and improve industry standards.

Thanks for the support! I haven't found anything else similar to this blog on the web at the present time. Your feedback is appreciated!


Anonymous said...

The blogger's wife thinks you did a good job on your page. She also thinks the blogger should make a new rule that says one night a week the blogger will not open up any computer at home, wear head phones, or engage in an isolated activity. The blogger's wife appreciates EVERYTHING the blogger does for his wife (buying groceries, cooking, shoveling snow, making morning coffee, paying bills, etc., etc.). However at least one night a week the blogger's wife would like to come home to a husband, not a nursing home administrator, not a blogger.

P.S. The blogger's wife's birthday is 3/28/80. She definitely expects a card. (And buying one but not giving it to her does not count!):)

The Nursing Home Administrator said...

The blogger will be more than happy to oblige, as well as continue to do all the things for his wife that he enjoys doing anyways. The blogger is usually just trying to give his wife some personal space.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

From one blogger's wife (see christmasyuleblog) to another, you have my sympathies.