I don't make as much as you do

NEW YORK (AP) _ The state attorney general's office has sued the chief executive of two nonprofit Brooklyn nursing homes, claiming she paid herself and relatives excessive salaries at the expense of patients.

The lawsuit, filed in state court, accused Ruby Weston of giving herself a salary of more than $500,000 a year to run the Marcus Garvey Nursing Home and Ruby Weston Manor. The suit said she also paid her son $1.7 million for computer consulting work, and used money from the business to give herself interest-free advances...

Nice. I've not run into many in our line of work that get to set their own salary...Very classy. Hopefully someone looks back at how many new wheelchairs this Administrator denied for residents in need, as well as necessary rental equipment, positioning devices, cost of living increases for staff, employee recognition events, Medicaid non-covered drugs, etc.

For the consumers out there reading this: NOT THE NORM!!! The average nursing home executive earns a pretty average salary, and they really do earn it. While I shouldn't have to, I personally apologize for this NY employee taking advantage of our elder population.

Not the first time, but here is a link to a recent Nursing Home Administrator salaries survey.


Anonymous said...

You can't always believe what you read in the news papers, first of all. Secondly, if you really think that these averages represent what CEO's of Nursing homes in NY really make, think again!! They would not really want people to know what they make because if they did, then the people would start to question them and how they came to receive such a salary and they would not want that out because it just might not be from working hard for 20+ years, in an industry that is against a minority standing up for the elderly and being approved a salary (not the falsely stated one in the media)the right way. They don't want to put themselves at risk for exposure. The government investigating Ruby knows everything about her and havent done much yet. Maybe, thats because the evidence they have proves that she didn't do what she is accussed of. And if the attorney general does have all this info (and THEY DO HAVE IT!!)about what these CEO's really make, why are they attacking Ruby. Maybe because she is a BLACK WOMEN who cares about the elderly and gets paid to do so and not what the papers claim either. Why dont the curious minds out there who care about the truth hold your judgements and attempt to find out what these nursing homes executives really make, what Ms Weston really did or didnt do (not just whats in the paper or left out the paper) and remember this, there arent many African-Americans in those positions either. This might be a RACE thing, it might be a GENDER thing or it might be both. Just remember before your throw this strong African American woman to the wolves do your own research and remember, dont believe everything in the media!!

The Nursing Home Administrator said...

Fair enough. I certainly didn't generalize about the person in question, though. I will re-state that ANY executive earning that much would be hard-pressed to deny any request for equipment or programming in their facility - something we are forced to do occasionally. Furthermore, there are both underpaid and overpaid executives in ANY industry, and it is always interesting to see both their portrayal by the public/media as well as their ultimate outcome.

My intention is for "curious minds" to read the post, find the link, and make their own judgment. If Ruby is being falsely accused, I hope she prevails as a resident advocate, without a doubt.

My comments were zero percent based on race or gender. Good grief, I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion.

Able Mart said...

Recently in our little town the newspaper published the salaries of every public worker--from the district attorney down to the school lunch ladies. I'm wondering how a thing like that would go over in a big city.

Anonymous said...

To Nursing Home Administrator:
I understand your intention and it was my intention to defend Ruby Weston since no one seems to stand up for her when things are said about what she does as a CEO and the character of this woman. She is a classy lady who cares about the elderly and someone should take a stand against individuals (not you Nursing Home Administrator) who attempt to talk about her based on misinformation or venegance. And in my opinion, race and gender HAVE something to do with this. There arent that many African American people in positions of authority in that particular field and if you are women even less opportunities, so when you are a African American Woman, its double hard. And I know CEO's in her field who make more than she does and maybe they dont do it the staright and narrow way and for her to do it the right way (THROUGH HARD WORK) and continued to be looked into after 2 years and nothing being found by the AG's office, it makes me wonder, why they continue. Is it a pride thing where AG cant accept the fact that the probe might have found nothing she did wrong, is it race, is it gender, I dont know but My intention is for "curious minds" to read the post, find the link, and make their own judgment, also. It not far fetched in this day and age to suspect race and gender as being motives. We are in the 21st century but like they say " The more things change, THE MORE THEY STAY THE SAME."

Anonymous said...

And you made comments about wheelchairs and equipment that were denied to residents in need. And to that I say WRONG!!!! It seems you too might have gotten your information from the DailyNews or Fox 5 news or from "certain" individuals who choose to report false info. And to address your comment to the normal consumer, The average nursing home administrator makes way more than an average salary but wont report that to the public because then they will begin to be questioned, especially when Ruby Weston, who is 80 years old works harder than anyone for her salary, a salary which is high for the person outside the industry but for someone in the industry, they know the real deal. (if you really want to know the truth, then REALLY investigate it and see what you find. YOU WOULD BE SUPRISED). And ask yourself what 80 year old woman you know that works 2 jobs. THAT SHOULD SHOW HERE DEDICATION AND HARD WORK RIGHT THERE