The Value of a Compliment

The Life Coaches Blog offers some good tips on giving a compliment to an employee or co-worker:

1. Make Your Compliment Specific
2. Back Up Your Compliment
3. Ask a Question with Your Compliment

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I would add that is is crucially important not to over compliment people. The same goes with thank you notes. Half the value in either is the spontaneity and randomness of the gesture. Once is becomes routine, both of these characteristics are lost in the action.


Frances Shani Parker said...

Your sensitivity to giving compliments appropriately to an employee or co-worker is most commendable. You might be interested in reading my most recent post complimenting CNA’s. Frances Shani Parker

The Nursing Home Administrator said...

Thanks! We take for granted both the things that our staff do as well as what great individuals they are.