What Blogging Means to Me

Why do I spend time writing these posts? Last week, around 200 people read this blog. I appreciate that, a lot. But it's not why I do this.

It's about holding myself accountable.

I'm certainly not the authority on Resident Council meetings, snow emergencies, or controlling Union activity. But by consistently sharing my thoughts with anyone willing to listen, it forces me to adhere to the standards that I'm preaching.

I encourage you to do the same, even if you don't share with anyone else. Thanks for holding me accountable.


Anonymous said...

How do you keep track of the number of hits (readers) you receive?

The Nursing Home Administrator said...

I use www.sitemeter.com

They have a nice little widget that Blogger will allow you to place on your page. You can view how people found your site, how long they stayed, etc.

Good tool. Thanks for reading, please come back.