Dear New Administrator

Dear New Administrator,

Today when I propped the laundry room door open with a gallon of bleach I was just trying to get some air flowing into our workspace! I wish we could find that dumbbell we’ve been using from the Therapy Department. It’s been so hot back here ever since the air conditioners went down last week. Maintenance said they wouldn’t look at it until we filled out a work order, but we haven't had any for months.

I never would have imagined that a resident would wander all the way back here! They tell me that she didn’t actually get the bleach open, they just found the bottle in her room. When the surveyor asked me about what happened, I swear all I told them is that nursing is almost always short-staffed on the weekends, so it’s really not their fault. Oh, and I did mention the C.N.A. that was on light duty from tripping over the bottle last week. Don’t worry though, she just wrote that part down and walked away. What does "I.J." stand for?

I heard you’re writing me up for this. Whatever, that’s fine, but I’m not signing anything. My lawyer says that I should request copies of everything and bring a staff witness with me to take notes. It was one thing to give me a final written warning for not responding to a fire alarm, but I don’t have to put up with this B.S.

It figures that you would write me up for this but you let everyone else get away with things. Third shift NEVER cleans the dryer lint filters, and nobody seems to care about that. If you knew what really went on around here you would be very surprised.

I need copies of my T.B. test and pre-employment physical by tomorrow at 8am.

A Long-Term Employee

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