The Nursing Home Beautician

Some days it feels like managing the nursing home beauty shop is the most challenging task of your week. Some common questions that can arise between the Administrator and the beautician include:

  • Are families and outside professionals allowed to use the beauty shop to cut the hair of a loved one?
  • Is the facility responsible for replacing missing and lost equipment and supplies?
  • Are the prices charged market competitive? Should they be market competitive?
  • Who is responsible for resident non-payment of services?
  • Have you kept the contract current? Do you have a contract?
  • Does the facility receive a commission for use of the shop?
  • Why can't the Maintenance Director get along with the beautician?
If you've heard any or all of these concerns, both over-the-phone or in person (and sometimes in writing) then you know the feeling - the beautician can make you feel like resident haircare is more important than an annual survey or a fractured hip...

Part Two Coming Soon...