Nursing Home Staff Are Begging for Continuing Education

At our recent Spring Education Fair we were smart enough to solicit for feedback from participants. What we got back was an extremely honest account of both the inservices that we had presented and what staff wanted to see in the future. Here's a sample of what we found:

1. Staff were most appreciative of the disaster training, which was described as valuable because it is "not used very much."

2. A high enough percentage of staff were engaged by the "cheesy" games that we should increase or at least maintain their percentage of the presentation next time.

3. Staff are BEGGING for behavior management training; not documentation, but WHAT TO DO

4. Everybody loves a free t-shirt

5. The majority of staff truly appreciate any continuing education as long as it has value as an application to the job and potential advancement or job value increase.

I DARE YOU to make all inservices optional... I haven't done it, and I can't say that it would work (Compliance, compliance), but I have a hunch. This is a major paradigm shift for your department leaders, who now have to become teachers as well. And we aren't all built to teach, my friends. That's another post.

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