Being a CNA is Very Hard Work Indeed

Here is one uplifting comment from a CNA that responded to my musings from yesterday...

Wow! After reading all the other comments, I must say that I must be really lucky. I know this does not exactly answer your question but I wanted to comment anyway.

I have been at the same nursing facility for several years; along with most of my co-workers. We do not see a lot of jumping around from job to job where I work. (It does happen but not that much.) We have a very dedicated team of people all the way from department heads to the laundry to nursing to the kitchen, activities, housekeeping and activities, ect. ect. It is not rare to see departments other than nursing to answer call lights. It is not rare at all to see the DON out about in the hall helping out when she can. I have found that the administrator is there and willing to help also. Both doors are always OPEN. As GNA's we are told and reminded often that we are very important. We work together for the most part, like a big family, residents and guest included. I feel very appreciated at my work place.

Being a CNA is very hard work, but seeing a smile on a resident's face or hearing a thank you from a family member is priceless. Rule one: To be a good CNA you must like the job, if you do not you can NOT BE SUCCESSFUL in doing so. I used to work for an agency who sent me from facility to facility and I will say it's the same job everywhere you go, you have to want to do it.

Good Luck and God Bless!


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