On Having a Blog

I am a Nursing Home Administrator and I have a blog. I think I'm still the only one. Please speak up if I am wrong. I've been licensed for nearly five years and have been in the industry for almost ten in Dining Services, Nursing, and a solid stint in the for-profit world with two different corps.

I also carry on an internal blog at my home location. I keep it all business. I haven't heard of anyone else trying this either. So far we are getting about 60 hits per day, with 310 employees. Decent, but definitely something to work with. This site is private and not shared at this time.

This blog gets attention from a great Certified Nursing Assistant blog. About once a quarter we have a lively discussion that gives front line staff a chance to sound off vs. Nursing Home Administration. As a matter of fact, perhaps we should set up those arguments. That's how we learn, right? I wish that I wasn't hearing so many comments that sounded like "this is just a job." It wouldn't hurt so much if so many caregivers weren't simultaneously saying "I want to help people."

This blog also is getting some significant recent attention from Nursing Link on their weekly post/rant Change of Shift. Thanks, Nursing Link. I think you're cool too.

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