On Hiatus

I have to take this project on hiatus. I find too many that just fade away, and that's certainly not my intention. I just think it's best that I let you know that posts may be far and few between, if any, in the coming months.

You know how it goes, the ebb and flow. Things are just moving really fast right now at our place, and I need to give my time to that. If you're curious, here are some of the things I'm spending my time on currently:

  • Internal blog: Trying to turn this into our primary communication outlet on campus
  • Food ordering: I am learning this process first hand and making my first-ever attempt at changing menu cycles
  • Incident Reporting: Refining my processes for better documentation and investigation.
  • Survey Preparation: I'm halfway into my window...To that point where every moment and detail counts
  • Preceptor Training: I just got my Preceptor Certification and have taken over Leadership Training for our Organization
Amazing how much time some of these things can take. Please continue to email at mgm0014@comcast.net and I will be happy to dialog with you.

Thanks for your support. Search around, there is some decent information here.

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