Activity Professionals Week

Heads up! This week is National Activity Professionals Week. Whether you have one Activities Director or several, this is an excellent opportunity to recognize a key department in your organization. Activity Directors do more than just bingo nowadays. Is your Director:

  • Participating in falls committee? We have found that focused recreation at certain times is a better fall prevention technique than any device.
  • Making environmental rounds? They should be. Nail polish, knitting needles, and popcorn machines are all routine issues when it comes to "accident hazards."
  • Marketing? The Activities Director is probably one of the most creative people on your team. Buy them a Chases's Book of Important Dates and let them in on the fun.
Just remember: Now that you've recognized your activities directors in January, you've set the bar. Don't forget other departments the rest of the year!

Check out Positive Promotions for a good start on those other dates.

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