I Know What You're Googling

One of the more interesting points of maintaining this blog is researching the items people search for. Right now we have 20-30 readers per day, most of which come from a Google search of some sort.

Thanks to the hundreds of readers we experienced last week based on searches for "Activity Professionals Week" and the like. I apologize to those readers who were hoping to find a comprehensive list of things to do in honor of your activities staff. If you weren't searching until last Wednesday, it was too late anyways. Trust me, I've been there.

ADMISSION OF GUILT: I was so busy last week that I have really nice Activities Professionals picture frames that I didn't get to hand out (Our organization has around 12 activities professionals not including volunteers). I've had the frames ready for over a month.

Back to the point: You are Googling for really important topics that need covering. There's a true lack of reflective information out there on non-clinical nursing home topics.

So, over the next month I plan on writing on some of the very topics you are searching for. While a few will be consumer based ("What To Do For a Person in A Nursing Home") most will be geared towards the nursing home professional and the student hoping to become one.

I hope you enjoy.

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