The Star Program

Goal: To create and sustain a culture that actively shares positive feedback within the organization.


  1. Make asking for positive feedback regarding other employees a part of day-to-day conversation. Find this information by talking with managers, direct care staff, residents, families, and even vendors.
  1. Award a small gold star pin to employees that are recognized. Include a thank you note quoting the positive feedback you received about them.
  1. Start by handing out pins and thank-yous privately versus at a public forum. eventually, enough staff will receive pins that employees will realize the meaning.
  1. Begin awarding some pins at monthly employee meetings. Tell a small story about the employee and make a small to-do in front of other employees.
  1. Buy more pins.


  1. Keep it simple. Don’t make a tracking system, don’t trend anything, don’t MAKE anybody do it. It’s just a fun employee morale exercise.
  1. Keep it up. If you do it for six weeks and then stop doing it, you’re being one of those guys.
  1. Keep it interesting. Simple doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. Occasionally pass one out with a random gathering of employees, attach an additional gift card for really great efforts, etc. again, just don’t get bogged down with it or you’ll stop doing it.

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