Occasionally I am contacted by a professional that is searching for an Administrator-In-Training position. While I am not in a position to host an AIT at the present time, I felt compelled to post the resume of Phil Eccles. Below is a brief bio on Mr. Eccles, and if you are interested, his resume can be downloaded by following the link at the bottom.

Please contact Mr. Eccles directly to arrange an interview.

Thank you for your consideration in looking at my bio and resume. As I anticipate my final career transition, it is one that is taking me onto the track that I nearly took when completing graduate school – administration of residential care of the infirm and elderly. I am in search of a seasoned administrator as an AIT preceptor who is in excellent standing with their corporation, also has an incessant curiosity and desire to improve operations and financials, is willing to be a true mentor beyond an AIT program, provides leadership in the industry in some capacity (writes articles, provides seminar sessions, serves on committees, serves as an officer, or is a regular AIT preceptor), is able to pay a stipend, and can assure me that their corporation will have a place for me upon completion of the program in good standing. I currently reside in Plainfield, IN, and would like to find a preceptor within a forty-five minute driving radius from here so that a temporary move would not be necessary until full-time placement.

As a brief bio, I have a background in sales, consultation, customer relations, and work within the healthcare industry. I completed my graduate studies at Indiana University in Health Administration, including coursework in nursing home administration. My adjunct professor was the administrator for Hooverwood in Indianapolis. The majority of my career has been in patient financial services.

My skills and achievements include:

  • Ability to quickly garner trust and rapport.
  • Experience working closely with medical providers, insurance carriers, and healthcare business offices.
  • Knowledge of the continuum of elder care available.
  • Coaching and personal development
  • Interdepartmental communications and teamwork building
  • Process flow analysis and recommendations, and implementation of subsequent policies and procedures
  • Management by direct observation and talking with/helping employees
  • Financial analysis, flexible budget determination, expense reduction, and price setting to obtain net profit goal

Thank you for reviewing my biography and attached resume. Please contact me with any questions, or to simply discuss your thoughts in directions that I may take. Even if you do not have a place for me now, I enjoy meeting people and building relationships, so I would enjoy hearing from you.


Philip A. Eccles

Click here to download the resume.

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I hope everyone has found a preceptor to start their AIT program.

You can always contact "the Department" for a list of preceptors.

IF you have completed your 1000 hours of California AIT time, and are studying for the NHA exam, please visit us at for some study resources such as practice exams and flash cards, as well as our new Twitter questions of the day/week.