The Relief of Annual Survey Completion

Today our campus finished the re-visit to our annual survey.  Fortunately our survey findings were limited this year and their follow-up took less than two days.  The sense of relief that completion of the survey cycle brings is indescribable for me as an Adminsitrator.  Regardless of how you feel about the survey process, knowing it's over should leave you and your staff with a sense of accomplishment and excitement. 

From start to finish, you and your team will spend 2.5 months from day one of a survey to the completion of an average re-visit.  Once the survey cycle is closed, find ways to continue quality assurance monitoring of survey deficiencies per your plan of correction.  Remember, though, your core group has spent a lot of extra time auditing records, checking ted hose, reconciling labs, in-servicing staff, conducting return demonstrations, etc.  Don't fall back from approaches that are exhibting value, but re-tool other parts that aren't working.  Don't be afraid to amend your plan of correction if it becomes irrelevant.

Finally, go back through your notes from the surveyors.  Those "FYI's" they give you aren't just small talk.  Expect close scutiny of those very topics during your next survey.  Re-organize all of the copies that you collected during the survey, type up the most relevant of your own notes, and put a cover sheet on top with the dates of the survey and any other significant information.  Leave something that's easy to comprehend for the next person in your seat.

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