Ideas for National Nursing Home Week

Community Historic Trivia Contest with Silverchair online in-service

Group photograph of everyone on campus by Professional

Family photography giveaways through Professional – Have your family photo taken in the same style as the Annual Report photos (plus we could use some of the shots for advertising), we could easily do 5-10 of these packages

Banner with every employee’s name on it in front lobby

Letter of recognition to editorial of local paper, mayor’s office, state representatives, etc.

More general “Thank You for what you do” banner to employees outside on main Blvd.

Addition and dedication of new employee wellness equipment, ie. New treadmills, bikes, etc.

Special limited edition Community branded pen – one time run only of 500 for both employees at both campuses

Employee Wellness walk to raise money for Employee Assistance fund

Arrange for 2nd shift nursing staff to work over so that we can throw a 3rd shift party at 10:30 p.m.

Recognize National Nurses Day by purchasing a print media ad

Letter to families of employees thanking them for their support of Community

Community T-shirts…

Make a video of employees saying positive things about other employees and show at Town Hall Meeting

Daily Employee Spotlight Profiles on Facebook every day during National Nursing Home Week

Employee dog show with residents as judges

Themed dress days that will have more than 50% appeal – breast cancer (pink) day, Alzheimer’s (Purple) Awareness day, etc.

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