New Kid In Town

This week I toured a new "facility" in another state. God forbid you call it a facility, because there's nothing institutional about it. It's completely out of your realm, yet so close. I've toured nearly 100 properties in the past 10 years, and this is the only one I could actually picture myself living at. And I'm 30.

Wait until a few of these pop up in every state. Don't worry, it doesn't replace your property. It doesn't even necessarily complement your property. But you aren't offering it, I'm positive. Is it a threat to your census? What isn't?

This time you should be worried.

They aren't doing short-term rehab. They don't have home health. Dementia care isn't their specialty, either. But if they are in your market, you can bet that everyone else will compare your product to theirs. It's not fair, it's not congruent, but it's reality. The new reality is a face off between your traditional facility model and a host of unique new options. Senior living is no longer need-based.

Senior living is no longer need-based.


Tony Sexton, Site Administrator said...

you are correct, There are new options. And the current product my generation and generations after me simply are not interested in.


aalbregts said...

Yes, the senior living market is rapidly evolving. Our architecture firm specializes in senior living communities (we try to stay away from the term, "facility") and the trend is moving toward a "small house" concept. Looking very forward to your follow up post!

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