Reader's Digest

The April 2013 edition of Reader's Digest features the article, "50 Secrets a Nursing Home Won't Tell You." The article is intended to educate consumers on what to look for when choosing and working with a long term care facility.

I am honored to be a featured expert and pleased at how well my organization and profession is represented. There is not an online version of the article yet, so I encourage you to head to the newsstand!


Jennifer Davies said...

Thanks for the advice! I hadn't seen that article, but I'm considering nursing homes for my parents right now. It does seem like there are a lot of options. It's impossible to know how things will work out until they've been tried, though.

Jenn |

Beau Humble said...
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Beau Humble said...

You and I need to be friends lol. I found your blog through Pintrest and you inspired me to start my own. I'm an LNFA in about the most foreign, opposite place in this country... Texas. But if there is anything your blog does for me, it's to let me know I'm not alone. Thanks for that. Check out my first post @