Another Nursing Home Fire

I won't go into detail here about yesterday's fire at a Missouri Assisted Living Facility. What I will give you is my top ten links related to fire prevention:

5. National Fire Protection Agency: Seems obvious, only problem I have with the NFPA is that they charge a ridiculous fee to access their regulations. Hopefully we can get this changed someday.

4. Fire Safety: Is Your Facility Legal? This article examines two recent facility fires in Tennessee and Connecticut, comparing State regulations to NFPA Standards.

3. Nursing Home Patient Catches Fire: I can't give enough examples of residents setting themselves on fire.

2. U.S. Considers Mandating Sprinklers in all Nursing Homes: This articles references the recent Connecticut and Tennessee fires; if your facility is not currently sprinkled, it will be soon.

1. gives great tips on general fire prevention.

Residents died today. Employees died today. There are still facilities operating without sprinkler systems. This Assisted Living was one of them. This place was reduced to nothing but ashes.
I can't bear to see this on the news again.

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Patti said...

The group home didn't have sprinklers.