Dakim's mPower: Exercise for the Mind

According to a 20-year study published in 2003 in the New England Journal of Medicine, seniors who regularly participated in highly mentally stimulating leisure activities experienced a 64% reduced risk of dementia. Our organization has been fortunate enough to take part in the Beta testing of Dakim's mPower program, which seeks to provide just that type of stimulation for our residents.

Our campus has ten mPower computers that any resident may use at their leisure. The mPower uses Automatic Facial Recognition so users can start their individualized session at the touch of a button. When a resident is done with the session they walk away from the device and it logs them out automatically. The mPower is touch-screen; no computer or technological expertise is required for the user. These simplicities increase user participation dramatically.

The system accepts individual user information such as hobbies, interests, career, family names, etc. This creates a unique experience for the resident. It is also SeniorCentric tm, using historical references, musical interludes and film clips from the 40's and 50's. The mPower downloads new information and activities every night, so the resident is always enjoying a new experience.

Most important, in my opinion, is that the system is self-adjusting, meaning it analyzes user data to alter difficulty level as needed. This is just one more way the mPower keeps the resident engaged. I have witnessed several of our residents using the devices hours per day, everyday. We have them in our assisted living, healthcare, and Memory Enhancement units. They are utilized everywhere.

I will continue reporting on our progress with the Dakim mPower program at a future time. I wanted to get some initial thoughts out there, because I am confident that this is important innovative technology that is not going away. For more information, visit www.dakim.com.

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