Employee Advocate Representative

I love the idea of having an Employee Advocate Representative. Below is an excerpt from the complete article on Avoiding Unionization:

"When employees want to make their concerns known to management, the EAR listens and then voices those concerns to management. The EAR is both the ears and voice for employees. This position may or may not be salaried and is held for a limited time. Once a term expires, another employee is either chosen or volunteers to be the EAR. To enhance a sense of employee inclusion, the EAR position should be filled by as many employees as possible. Such rotation ensures the greatest amount of employee inclusion and further guarantees that no employee is perceived as a being a tool of management. In small companies, the EAR can work in that position for an hour or two each week."

I would make this a supplementary position for a front line staff member. Give them four hours per week to meet with other staff, review written concerns, and interface with management.

Could this work?

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Patti said...

Of course it could work...and I think it would benefit a facility in so many ways. I'm interested to hear what others think...