One Thing at a Time, Please

It's so hard to not use the morning meeting as a chance to share your "Laundry List" with the entire team. Think back to how many other meetings you had this week that ended up with a similar outcome. Even your stand-up meetings need to have a set agenda, and it's your job to keep everyone, especially yourself, on track. If it's not for everyone, it's not for stand-up.

Think of a meeting agenda as having an exponential dilution effect: Every item you add to the agenda dilutes the rest equally. As Seth Godin puts it, "Use your time, all your time, to sell just one thing. Go deep. Sell. Then stop."

You may be thinking, "Stand-up is the only time we are all in the same room during the day." And that's the point. Take full advantage of that time to truly sell your group on what is most important.

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