Marketing to Seniors

I ran across one very interesting sentence in a blog I have admittedly promoted more than others. Seth Godin says...

"It's common knowledge among marketers that marketing to seniors is largely a waste of time."

I don't get this vibe from LTC/SNF Sales and Marketing Professionals, though. Someone is convinced that the daily face-to-face with discharge planners and docs will fill your beds...It's all about census, I know...I almost got a "CENSUS" tattoo with a heart in '03. Went with "HIPAA" instead (that's a joke)... I just recently jettisoned out of the for-profit world, but I certainly don't miss the daily/hourly census crunch. My entire life used to be marketing plans and sales calls; now it's quality care. You can't understand the difference until you experience it.

Not sure who is reading this. Administrator? Marketing Person? Nurse? How much time did you spend this week worrying about a "mystery shop?" If your answer is anything but zero, think about your objectives as a long term care professional.

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