I've never found a good reason for referring other professionals to your friends and family. It's really nothing more than an opportunity for two people to screw each other over and blame it on you. What is your return on investment if a co-worker or family member goes to your doctor upon your recommendation? One of three things will happen:

1. The professional you recommended will screw up, and you've made what looks like a lousy recommendation to your friend. Chances are this then leads to #2...

2. Your friend turns out to be a lousy patient/client/customer. They've already dropped your name to the professional, so now your professional sees you differently from here on out. Nobody is happy.

3. All goes well, and there is no benefit to you.

You're a good friend and customer, but you've taken a big risk to get there. You were already a good friend and customer. Now you also are worried every time your boss goes to the doctor that they will strike up a conversation about you...

Doc: "How's things at the office with Matt?"
Boss: "Getting things done, but really he's a real bastard to be around lately."
Doc: "Probably just a side effect of the Viagra."

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