Items Needed on the First Day

List of New Admissions in the Past 30 days

Schedule of Routine Meetings (Leadership, Dept, all staff)

Facility Floor Plan

Breakdown of Total Licensed beds by Level of Care

Copies of Current Schedules For All Departments

Two Weeks of Staffing Sheets for the Nursing Department

Labor Budget 2008

List of Key Personnel and their locations/contact information

Name of Resident Council President and meeting times

Schedule of Meal Times for each dining room

Schedule of Medication Administration times

Previous Quality Assurance Committee Meeting Minutes

Latest Quality Indicator Report based on 3-month data

List of Residents with In-House Acquired Pressure Areas

List of Residents with Restraints

Chart of Accounts

Last Annual Survey with Plan of Correction

List of Door Codes/Access Requirements

Current Marketing Plan

List of Reportables since January 1st, 2008

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