Why You Can't Tell Your Staff It's National Administrators Week

Usually by the middle of this week it's tempting to mention, nonchalantly, of course, that it's National Long Term Care Administrator's Week. After not receiving flowers, a new name plaque, or some other "Things Remembered" type of gift, you may find yourself at morning meeting on Wednesday saying, "Somebody told me it was National Administrator's Week. Isn't Housekeeping Week coming up soon?"

How very sly you are.

Not that you feel that you deserve any extra recognition. Not that you feel you deserve any recognition at all. But darn it, you signed off on that $60 Chase's Calendar of Events book, and you just want the staff to make good use of it. We celebrated National Bubble Wrap day, so why not this holiday?

If you're feeling THAT forlorn, then let your family know, not your staff. There's really no need to lay down the guilt trip so you can have an extra fifteen minutes of fame. Lord knows you already get the biggest gift card at Christmas, and from a store you actually like. And if you need more recognition then take a look at your last paycheck. You make more than they do (If you work at a responsible facility, the D.O.N. may earn more than you do).

Don't you dare be the one to point out this "Holiday."

If you are a staff member here looking for an idea for your Administrator (on your own free will, that is) then here are a few ideas:
Care to share? Use the comments button below to let everyone know how you approach this "Holiday."

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