Making Rounds Just Got Easier

I'm a real sucker for creating a new form. For all of you form-makers out there, this is usually a bad habit and a poor use of your time. While I haven't found any great resources for long term care forms, the fact is, most of the tools you make have already been created a thousand times over - good, bad, and ugly.

You know who you are.

So last month when Apple came out with the iPhone's newest operating software, I was excited to find a new feature: Voice Memos.

Now when making rounds, there is no audit form needed. No pen, no clipboard. No sitting your materials down to intervene and then forgetting where they are. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

1. As you round, use the Voice Memos application to make notations to yourself, such as, "Peerage Room 363 needs the closet door fixed."

2. Don't push STOP, push PAUSE in between notations. By pausing, you can keep the rounds to just one file. Otherwise, you may end up with 50 separate audio files at the end of the rounds.

3. When rounds are completed, go back to your computer and transcribe your Voice Memos. Because you created a single file using pause, it is easy to stop the recording in between notations or rewind if you missed something.

The Voice Memos application works well enough that it allows the Administrator to be discreet - you can talk softly into the mic and still easily capture your thoughts. And the transcription process is where the majority of time is saved. Even if you are accustomed to just making lists during rounds, you know that communicating your observations afterward can take a lot of time. Voice Memos eliminates this.

I know that the concept of snippet voice recording is far from new. The iPhone, though, has made making rounds much easier than it was in the past. I appreciate your feedback or tips on using this and other applications to improve your efficiency.

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vernon said...

I use my Iphone in the building all the time. When I find something broken or needing a little TLC I break out my phone and email a photo of it. As they say a picture is work a thousand words.