Captain Phil Harris and his Pumpkin

I had the pleasure of spending the day with Captain Phil Harris from Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch." Phil graciously visited with Lutheran Life Villages residents and was the V.I.P. at our first annual Foundation Crabfest.

As a hobby I carve portraits into pumpkins. Stupid human tricks. I carved Captain Phil into a pumpkin the night before and gave it to him. He and his agent were so pumped about it! It was on display for the Crabfest and Phil made it the screen saver on his phone.

Thanks to Captain Phil, his agent Russ, and the whole Lutheran Life Villages crew that made it possible.


Darlyne said...

Do you have the pattern for that pumpkin? I like it! Darlyne

Matthew G. Maupin said...

I didn't exactly use a pattern for this, it's more of a long, slow carving process by hand.

You should see me standing in my bathroom in the dark hovering around a pumpkin on the toilet trying to get the shading right!

Thanks for the comments.