Addendum to plan of correction

They ask for the strangest corrections:

1. "Please explain what is meant by persistent non-compliance."
2. "What are the staff expected to do when a resident has a care plan for a seat belt, the seat belt is not used, and the staff are called away?"

I'm afraid I've answered their questions with even more obscure answers than the original POC...


Dr. El said...

Matt! You're back! Glad to read your posts and gain insight into the day-to-day work of a Nursing Home Administrator. Thanks for including my site as a resource.

Dr. Eleanor Barbera

Matt Maupin said...

Dr. El,

Thanks so much. I always look forward to your articles and sometimes share them with staff when topics are timely. It's wonderful that we have these networks to share ideas and opinions.

Take care and keep in touch.
Matt Maupin