Three Perspectives

You may be surprised about the different groups of health care professionals online writing about their experiences, educating and advising others. I learn more from these alternative perspectives than I do from any trade journal or professional seminar. I encourage you to explore these sites and engage with the people running them.

1. Nursing is moderated by Patti, a Certified Nursing Assistant. This blog features quite a few news tidbits, but also some great resources for frontline workers. Most interesting are the comments from other readers that often turn into full blown discussion on topics including safety, turnover, and facility administration.

2. is a HUGE message board. I signed up for access to participate in conversations and have not been disappointed. This group holds nothing back. Find out how nurses real feel, and get some great advice from the people that are taking care of your residents.

3. Levin & Perconti Attorneys at Law: Do you realize how many law firms have Nursing Home websites? These aren't Florida billboards, but they are definitely geared towards consumer education. Levin & Perconti compile a nice mixture of industry news and consumer advice. This is the information that your families are walking into your office with after ten minutes Googling "nursing home." Educate yourself.


Patti said...

Thanks for the nice write up and commentary! I appreciate it.

The Nursing Home Administrator said...

No problem. Hopefully we can branch out and reach other people/professionals.