National Nursing Home Week

National Nursing Home Week is May 13th - May 19th , 2007. The theme chosen by the American Health Care Association is "Treasure Our Elders." Visit to download the 2007 Guide. It has some great activities ideas to celebrate the week with your residents.

Here are some other links related to National Nursing Home Week:

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...As you can see there aren't a lot of resources out there. I appreciate you sending links and I will be happy to share them here.


joe angelelli said...

Hi Matt -- Are you familiar with "culture change" in long-term care? Check out to learn more.

Thanks for starting a blog. You're the first NH administrator that I know of who has done so. Do you know of others?

Patti said...

I almost forgot this.

Joe I don't know of any other NHA on the net who blog. Wish there were more...AND I wish there some DON's too...what a community we could all become. Culture change is good and it starts from both top and bottom.

Patti said...

Hey Matt can you get HaloScan for comments? That way I can leave you a track back?