Site Format Updates

If you read this blog with any regularity, you have probably noticed the constantly changing format. Many of you have provided feedback and I appreciate your input. With more readers than I ever thought I would have, I plan to continue regular posting and hope to do so with more organization and depth.

I organize my week by department. On Monday I always focus on the nursing department, which includes reviewing forgotten files, meeting with the Director, and putting my brain on paper for that department. Other things come up, but this weekly focus has kept me more evenly grounded between disciplines. It also helps me step away from projects and avoiding burnout; time management technique if you will. I am going to begin posting here in a similar fashion:

Monday: Improving Your Clinical Skills

Tuesday: Human Resources

Wednesday: Technology

Thursday: New Administrators

Friday: Ancillary Departments

Saturday: Industry News

I hope that "One Nursing Home Administrator's Take On the Industry" will benefit from this approach by giving me more time to consider the topics I post on and lend direction to the choices. Many of the searchers on this site are people interested in becoming a Nursing Home Administrator, so I will include a weekly advice column for them.

Have a great week.

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